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Our agency has a long history of proudly serving the West Michigan area as an Independent Insurance Agency and representing some of the best insurance companies in the business.  Here's a brief history of our agency...

Auto-Owners Insurance Company was founded in 1916 by Vern Valentine Moulton. The Mary J. Field Company was founded in 1917 by Mary J. Field. Mary claimed to be the first agent appointed by Auto-Owners in the western Michigan Area. She had a running feud with Abe Van Oosten, who claimed that he was the first A-O agent appointed in this area. Mary operated her agency alone for many years, until her sister, Julia, joined her in 1945 after her husband died.

The Mary J. Field Agency was purchased from Mary in 1948 by Ivan E. Hull.

When Bruce Boer joined the firm after graduation from Michigan State College in 1950, the annual premium volume was about $40,000.  Bruce bought the business from Ivan Hull, his step-father, in 1954. The name was changed to Field-Boer Agency at this time.

In 1956, after discharge from the U.S. Army, Ronald Boer (Bruce's brother) joined the agency.

Bruce and Ron continued to operate the agency under the Field-Boer name until 1964. At that time Jack Siebold, a partner in the Utley-Moritz Company, suggested a merger. The two agencies were joined in June of 1964. The Field-Boer name was discontinued, and the joined agencies operated under the Utley-Moritz Co. name.

The Utley-Moritz Company was originally comprised of two partners, F. Hugh Utley and George Moritz. Later, they were joined by Obert C. Burull and, still later, by Jack Siebold. At the time the merger took place, Mr. Utley had retired, so the active partners included George Moritz, Obie Burull, Jack Siebold, Bruce Boer and Ron Boer.

Jack Siebold left to become legislative liason representative for the Ohio Association of Independent Insurance Agents in 1968.

Obert Burull elected to withdraw his share of the business in 1970 and open his own office. He later shared office space with BOL Associates until selling his agency to Ed Schinnerer. After Obie Burull withdrew, George Moritz, Bruce  Boer and Ron Boer continued the agency under the new name, The Moritz-Boer Company.

George Moritz retired in 1971 and died in 1976.

David Boer joined the agency upon graduation from Michigan State University in 1981. At that time, our office was in the Eastlake Office Building.

On January 1, 1998 Dave Boer purchased the agency from  Bruce & Ron and operated under the name Moritz-Boer Insurance Agency until 2005, at which time we adopted the dba "Boer Insurance Group".

Brian Boer & Derek Boer, Dave's sons, joined the agency on August 3rd, 2015, each after working five years in the accounting profession.  

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