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Condo living requires special attention to the provisions of your association bylaws and the "master" insurance policy that covers the condominium buildings.  There are two primary ways, and some variations on each, that associations use to insure the buildings.  You'll need to refer to your association's bylaws to determine what part of your unit you need to insure.

Two primary ways condominium associations handle insurance:

1.  The association insures the building exteriors AND the finished interior of each unit (the interior walls, floor coverings, wall coverings, light fixtures, cabinetry, built-in appliances, etc.)  under a master policy.
2.  The association insures the building exteriors ONLY and coverage stops at the four bare interior perimeter walls of each unit.  This method requires that each condo unit owner insure the interior building items themselves  (the interior walls, floor coverings, wall coverings, light fixtures, cabinetry, built-in appliances, etc.).

Review your condominium bylaws and speak to someone in your association who is knowledgeable about the insurance arrangements (possibly a board member or management company) to determine what part of the condo you need to insure. 

Regardless of how the building insurance is handled, you'll be responsible for insuring your own personal belongings, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, non-permanent appliances, etc..

Your own condo insurance policy will cover the following items:

1.  Condo interior building items (if required).  For an estimate of the cost to replace your condo interior, complete this questionnaire:  Condo Interior Replacement Estimate
2.  Personal Property - to cover the replacement cost of your personal belongings
3.  Loss Of Use - to cover the extra expenses incurred to live somewhere else while repairs are being made following an insured loss to your condo
4.  Personal Liability - to cover the defense and payment of certain lawsuits against you for bodily injury or property damage arising out of your condo ownership and personal activities
5.  Medical Payments To Others - covers certain medical expenses of another that arise out of an accident at your condo or from your personal activities

Many additional coverage options are available to customize your condo policy to meet your specific needs.  We'll help you determine which coverage endorsements may be appropriate for you.

Disclaimer: coverage descriptions above are general descriptions and do not alter the coverage agreements or provisions of the policy.  Refer to a policy for full details.
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